Serial Number: 87479

Year shipped: 1931

FON: 9965

Headstock: Horizontal ‘The Gibson’ logo

Neck/fingerboard: Replacement fingerboard

Body: Maple back with maple sides. Solid top braces

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including wrap-over tailpiece and Waverly three-on-a-strip tuners with engraved base plate and pearl buttons mounted so that the cog is positioned below the worm gear. Short bound pickguard

Notes: Has original hardshell case.

Though we have listed this guitar in our Type Two Gallery, it could just as easily have started life as a Type Three L-5 (see L-5 serial number 85758, which was shipped in 1930 and, apart from its block markers, has identical hardware and features). Given the fact that this L-5 no longer has its original fingerboard, there is no way of knowing for sure.

Images courtesy of Musurgia