Serial Number: 91329

Year Shipped: 1935

FON: 1277-4

Headstock: Horizontal ‘Gibson’ script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 20 fret fingerboard with pointed end and narrow block inlays from the first fret. Wide neck heel

Body: 17-inch body with maple back and sides and small unbound f-holes 

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including flat tailpiece engraved with ‘L-5’ legend

Notes: Repaired cracks in the top (extending from the fingerboard), as well as in the side and heel. The tuners have been replaced. The narrow block inlays and wide neck heel suggest that the neck may have been replaced at some point.

Formerly owned and used by Opry staff musician Steve Gibson.

This instrument does not appear in the shipping ledgers (probably indicating that it was sold at the Gibson factory). However, other serial numbers in the near vicinity were shipped in March and April of 1935.

This guitar is one of 56 Advanced L-5s shipped in 1935

Pictures courtesy of Gruhn Guitars