Serial Number: 92032

Year shipped: 1935

FON: 14XX – followed by a ‘1’ in red pencil (the second and third numbers are illegible)

Headstock: Horizontal ‘Gibson’ script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 19 fret fingerboard with square end and wide pearl block inlays from the third fret

Body: Maple back and sides

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including regular tailpiece and individual open-back Grover 98G ‘Sta-tite’ tuners with butterbean keys.

Notes: The top centre seam has been resealed in the area beneath the tailpiece and there is some lacquer overspray over most of the instrument (the headstock face excluded). Reproduction pickguard. Has its original black hardshell case

This is one of 110 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1935

Images courtesy of Retrofret Guitars