Serial Number: 92035

Year shipped: 1935


Headstock: Horizontal ‘Gibson’ script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 19 fret fingerboard with square end and wide pearl block inlays from the third fret. Replacement nut

Body: Maple back and sides. Has kerfed top braces

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including regular tailpiece and older style individual open-back Grover 98G ‘Sta-tite’ tuners with butterbean keys and riveted gears. Has original long, bound pickguard and adjustable ebony bridge with solid base(the bridge top may have been lowered slightly)

Notes: There are two small, patched screw holes suggesting that a second pickguard was mounted at one time or that the guitar was once set up left-handed. The back of the neck has been over-sprayed between the heel area and the base of the headstock. There is also a repaired seam separation to the centre neck lamination down towards the heel area. This has been ‘touched up’ over the overspray. A small hole on lower treble side of the heel, where a strap button was once attached, has been patched. The guitar has been re-fretted with wire that is a bit taller than the original would have been and a new nut has been fitted. Has original black hardshell case with replaced handle

This is one of 110 16-Inch L-5s shipped in 1935

Images courtesy of: Retrofret