Like many luthiers of his generation, Mark Campellone learned to appreciate the instruments of bygone eras while working as a repairman. “Restoring vintage guitars was very important in the development of my own archtop instruments. This was basically my whole education with respect to building. I spent much time playing and evaluating each of them in an effort to determine what elements of their design and construction were responsible for their great voice.”

As a result, Mark’s guitars remain firmly rooted in a tradition established by Gibson and Epiphone during the 1930s and 1940s. “I think that some of the contemporary instruments, with minimal ornamentation, are quite handsome,” he comments. “In terms of appearance, however, my designs are inspired by the guitars that I love – the traditional models which set the standards years ago. For me, the lavish appointments typical of top model, traditionally styled archtops constitute a large part of their appeal.”

Standard Series 16 Inch (above)

Serial Number 3550908 Special Series 17″ – European Spruce top, European Flame Maple back and rims, original DeArmond pickup and original Grover Imperial tuners.

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