Syd Vernon

Syd Vernon is pictured (below) in the April 1930 edition of BMG (Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar) with an early L-5, a National Tricone, an unidentified flattop, a bowlback mandolin and two expensive looking banjos. The writer mentions that Syd “teaches the banjo, tenor banjo, Hawaiian guitar, Spanish guitar, theory of music and harmony in Bradford.”

The National guitar appears to be a Style 2 Hawaiian (square neck) Triplate, which had a German silver body that was engraved with a fancy ‘Wild Rose’ pattern. Introduced in 1927, the model cost $125.

Syd also appears in the October 1932 edition of BMG (above) where he is described as “an expert player of fretted instruments.” He still has his L-5 and National but has upgraded to an Gibson F-5 Master Model mandolin!

Syd is pictured here (below) in the March 1933 issue of BMG with Miss Kitty Wilson and Mr Bert Redstone. BMG magazine describes Bert as “a performer of outstanding ability on the Hawaiian guitar, having acquired the correct native method of playing in Honolulu,” while Kitty “Specialises in the Hawaiian Hula Dance.”

“An attractive team that should do well.” The magazine concludes.

The BMG article mentioned above notes that Syd has “played publicly with (American banjo player) Eddie Peabody on many occasions when that player was appearing in this country recently.”

Eddie Peabody said of Syd: “Mr. Sydney Vernon, of Bradford, England, a very fine player and teacher who organised a banjo band bearing my name, – incidentally, we made a phonograph record together and played together at the Paramount Theatre, Manchester, England.”