Jonathan Stout

Jonathan Stout is a guitarist and bandleader specializing in the jazz of the Swing-era.

Photo by Christopher Bersbach

Over the last 25 years, Jonathan’s bands have headlined swing dances all over the world, and Jonathan has devoted himself to preserving the pre-bop guitar traditions of Charlie Christian and Allan Reuss.   

Treating the acoustic and electric traditions as distinct disciplines, Jonathan can be seen playing his 1939 (EA-5367) and 1932 (88784) Gibson L-5s acoustically (using a DPA microphone) and switching to his 1937 Gibson ES-150 for electric guitar riffs and solos.  

Jonathan has also spent some time with Allan Reuss’s 1938 Gibson L-5 (95122), which can be heard here and here.  

Besides leading his own bands (most notably “Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five”, and the “Jonathan Stout Orchestra”, both featuring Hilary Alexander), Jonathan has also played with the Bonebreak Syncopators (led by DJ Bonebrake of the band X), Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders, The Mint Julep Jazz Band, Josh Collazo’s Candy Jacket Jazz Band, Keenan McKenzie and the Riffers, Janet Klein, Carl Sonny Leyland, Enrique Pierdo (Spain), Dean Mora (Mora’s Modern Rhythmists, et. al), the Lucky Stars, Natelie Hanna Mendoza and her Tiger Four, and even recorded with Barry Manilow!  

Photo by J.S. Almonte

Jonathan has recorded six albums with his “Campus Five”, one solo guitar album, and an EP with his “Close Shave Quartet”. He can be seen demonstrating classic vintage archtops on YouTube and Instagram for stores like Norman’s Rare Guitars, Retrofret, and Carter Vintage and he was recently featured on the “Fretboard Journal Podcast“.