Gibson L-7

With a $125 price tag, the L-7 offered Gibson quality and performance in an affordable package. Indeed, differences between the L-7, post-1934 L-10 and L-12  were largely cosmetic. Details of the model included varied pattern fingerboard inlays, a pearl fleur-de-lis headstock motif and nickel-plated hardware.

The L-7 debuted in the first version of Gibson’s catalog W (1934). It can also be found in the second version of catalog W, which was issued the following year (though both versions of catalog W have an identical outside appearance they differ on pages 37 to 39).

Joe Spann adds, “The Gibson dealer price list of July 15, 1934 is the first listing of the L-7 model but my compiled serial number list reveals that L-7’s were actually shipping as early as February 1934.”

Along with the L-5, L-10 and L-12, the L-7 was re-launched with Gibson’s new 17-inch ‘Advanced’ body size in 1935.

Gibson L-7 Serial Number 90854, shipped 1934

Images above courtesy of George Gruhn and Eric C Newell of Gruhn Guitars