Jackson Cunningham

Originally from the state of Oregon, Jackson Cunningham is a luthier and musician who learned his skill as a woodworker at an early age from his stepfather.

In 2005, family ties and a love for bluegrass and old time country music led Jackson to Southwest Virginia, where he began building guitars and fiddles as a full time occupation.

Having settled in Rugby, Virginia – a region that is well-known not only for its rich musical heritage but also for its many instrument makers – Jackson learned first-hand from celebrated guitar maker and neighbour, Wayne Henderson and fiddle maker, Audrey Hash Ham.

Inspired by The Carter Family’s music and the scarcity of pre-war L5 archtops available, Jackson decided to create a replica of the classic archtop design, staying true to the styles of the mid to late 1920s instruments.

All aspects of the build process are covered by Jackson himself, from selecting red spruce from the Appalachian mountains, to hand carving select curly maple and machining period correct bridges and tailpieces.

Jackson’s dedication to the craft, attention to detail and commitment to traditional styles have earned him a reputation as an up-and-coming luthier and today his instruments are sold and played around the world.

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