Serial number: 76699

Year shipped: 1924

Virzi Number: 10174

Signed and dated by Lloyd Loar on March 31st 1924

Headstock: Diagonal ‘The Gibson’ logo

Neck/fingerboard: 20 fret fingerboard with pointed end, dot inlays start at the fifth fret

Body: Birch back with maple sides, Virzi Tone Producer fitted

Hardware: Silver-plated metal parts including wrap-over tailpiece and Waverly three-on-a-strip tuners with engraved base plate and pearl buttons, mounted so the cog is positioned above the worm gear. Short bound pickguard. Has its original hardshell case.

Notes: “The neck on this guitar has the profile and  sunburst pattern of a late 1920s L-5 rather than a Loar-period guitar,” says Walter Carter. “There is finish touchup around the neck heel that is of a slightly redder shade than that of a typical Loar L-5, so it was either held back at the factory or returned to have the neck re-shaped. It’s factory work, and from a playability standpoint, it’s an improvement.”

Images (above) courtesy of George Gruhn and Eric C Newell of Gruhn Guitars

Images above courtesy of Mike G Thompson

L to R: Lloyd Loar signed F-5 mandolin, H-5 mandola and L-5 guitar.

This guitar was owned by Zac Brown (above) in 2014 and used on the CD
from the Zac Brown Band

Images above courtesy of Carter Vintage