Serial Number: 77410

Year shipped: 1925

Virzi Number:

Signed and dated by Lloyd Loar on December 1st 1924

Headstock: See Notes below

Neck/fingerboard: See Notes below

Body: Maple back and sides, originally fitted with a Virzi Tone Producer but this has since been removed

Hardware: Silver-plated metal parts including wrap-over tailpiece

Notes: Both the neck and fingerboard have been replaced. The tuners and pickguard are not original.

The guitar now has a ‘Gibson Inc.’ label (the Loar signature date confirmed by Joe Spann from Gibson’s records). Joe adds: “According to the Gibson shipping ledgers this guitar was repaired twice at the factory. On 6th February 1940 the repaired guitar was returned to David Gauthier along with a banjo and some banjo parts.  The ledger notes that the case for the L-5 was “no good”. Mr. Gauthier was a music teacher in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. On 11th July 1951 the re-repaired guitar was returned to Korzinek Music Shop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.”

Images courtesy of Tim Johnson