Serial number: 91917

Year shipped: 1935

FON: 1399-11

Headstock: Horizontal ‘Gibson’ script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 19 fret fingerboard with pointed end and wide block inlays from the first fret to the seventeenth frets

Body: Maple back and sides

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including regular tailpiece and individual open-back Grover 98G ‘Sta-tite’ tuners with butterbean keys (one of the tuners is a non-original nickel-plated replacement)

Notes: At one point this L-5 was fitted with a humbucking pickup and two control knobs positioned to the right of the treble side f-hole. The resulting holes have since been professionally filled and refinished. In addition, the guitar has also been refretted and fitted with a reproduction pickguard (the original ‘guard is stored in the case).  The top, back, sides and neck have been over-sprayed and a three-inch crack above the bass side f-hole has been repaired. Has original hardshell case. This is one of 110 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1935

Images courtesy of Ruurd Feitsma of the Dutch Archtop Museum