Serial Number: 95674 Marty Grosz

Year shipped: 1938

FON: 884D –3

Headstock: Horizontal ‘Gibson’ script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 20 fret fingerboard with pointed end and narrow block inlays from the first fret. Wide neck heel and long 26-inch scale length (see Notes)

Body: 17-inch body with maple back and sides, Natural finish and large bound f-holes

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including hinged tailpiece with silver centre insert and three engraved diamonds and individual Grover Imperial tuners. Long bound pickguard

Notes: According to its current owner, Gian Russo, L-5 serial number 95674 has an unusual 26-inch scale length. A.R. Duchossoir comments: “This L-5 was shipped on 30th November 1938 to one A.J. Peterson. It is listed as a ‘Long Scale’ model.”

This guitar is one of 13 Natural finish Advanced L-5s shipped in 1938

The guitar’s previous owner was guitarist, Marty Grosz. For Marty’s comments on this and his other L-5 guitars, see his entry on our Players’ page.

Jazz Rhythm Maestro, Marty Grosz
Gian Russo playing the guitar

Images by kind permission of Marty’s son, Toby Grosz unless otherwise indicated.  Additional information and images provided by Gian Russo